What is the cause of the abnormal noise of the planetary mixer gearbox?

- Aug 14, 2019-

1The tooth surface of the gear has a bump and a sound

Situation: This problem is mainly reflected in the assembly test bench of the whole machine manufacturer. The characteristics of the abnormal sound are: the sound frequency is stable, there is abnormal sound in one direction, no abnormal sound in reverse rotation, and the speed and difference of the low speed shaft can be calculated. The frequency relationship of the ringing determines the specific location where the abnormal sound occurs.

Reason: There was a bump in the assembly process. Due to the company's flaw in the quality of the test, there may be such a problem with a very small number of gearboxes.

Handling: According to the analysis results, carefully search for the bumps on the gear tooth surface. When searching, the oil on the tooth surface should be wiped clean to avoid affecting the hand feeling. The bruises mainly exist on the top of the tooth and the sides of the tooth profile.

2 The abnormal noise caused by the excessive error of the gear itself

Situation: This problem is also reflected in the assembly plant of the whole machine manufacturer. The characteristics of this kind of abnormal sound are: the sound frequency is stable, and the two-way rotation is abnormal.

Cause: The abnormal noise caused by the excessive change of the adjacent tooth segments caused by the gear machining. The gear detection report of the problem gear can be found by the speed ratio relationship.

Disposal: Except for the high-speed shaft that can be taken out, the site cannot be processed, and can only be returned to the company for replacement and repair.

3 frictional interference

Situation: The probability of this problem appearing in the repair shop is large, the car is not moving or the car is difficult to drive, and the friction sound is emitted during the test. The reason for the wind field is generally the interference of the oil ring and the end cap, accompanied by abnormal heating of the relevant parts.

Handling: Find the parts that interfere with the friction, rework the parts or tighten them.

4 abnormal noise caused by the bearing itself

Situation: When the sound is buzzing and the frequency is fast, the tooth surface is checked normally, and the speed ratio relationship is used to calculate the problem that is not a gear, then there is a high probability that the bearing has a problem.

Cause: The inner ring raceway of the bearing or the dent on the surface of the roller will cause the bearing to run unevenly and cause abnormal noise.

Handling: Carefully inspect the bearing raceways and rollers and find that there is a problem replacing the bearings.

5 gears long-term parking caused by rust

Situation: One of the two gears of a pair of gear pairs has a long strip of rust on each of the teeth, and the remaining teeth are intact.

Reason: The gear box is parked for a long time, causing the tooth surface to rust and the operation to be unstable and abnormal noise.

Treatment: The rust can not be completely eliminated, only polished with oil stone, and then followed.

6 abnormal sound of the non-gearbox itself

Situation: The sound occurs near the low-speed end spindle or the high-speed end brake disc. After checking that the gearbox components are intact, there is still abnormal noise, or the sound frequency is not proportional to the rotational speed.

Reason: There may be problems with the hub or spindle bearing at the low speed end, and the high speed section may be caused by the coupling or the motor looking for a positive deviation.

Handling: In the case of repeatedly finding the gear box and confirming that there is no problem with the gear box, it can be judged that there is a problem with other parts, and the whole machine manufacturer can be required to find the parts that may have problems.

Planetary mixer is a new type of high-efficiency non-dead-point mixing equipment. It has a unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three multi-layer paddle mixers and one or two automatic scrapers in the kettle. At the same time as the body axis revolves, it rotates at a high speed around its own axis at different speeds, so that the material can perform complex movements in the kettle body.

Traditional planetary mixers are mostly composed of two low-speed mixing blades, also known as dual planetary mixers. However, as demand has increased, planetary mixers have also added other agitators, such as various types of dispersion blades, emulsifiers, and the like. Added multi-function applications and expanded the scope of use.