What residues on the surface of ductile iron castings need to be removed?

- Jun 27, 2019-

Ductile iron castings do have certain uniqueness, but the cleaning process is a must after the molding, because it will inevitably leave various undesirable phenomena in the process of production, which can be removed by cleaning, so that the ductile iron castings can be restored excellent. quality.


The simplest and most basic cleaning of the dust on the surface of ductile iron castings, since it is often produced in dusty places, the castings are left to avoid residue. Dust can be removed with water or an alkaline solution, but it should be noted that if there is adhesion of dust, high pressure water or steam is required for cleaning.


The objects to be cleaned are also floating iron powder or embedded iron on the surface of ductile iron. If these free irons are not completely removed in time, they will cause rust. Among them, the floating powder can be removed with the dust; and some of the strong adhesion must be treated with the embedded iron. For the scratches on the surface of ductile iron parts, mechanical cleaning must be performed; the same is true for rust spots.