Whether the wind turbine gearbox parts can be a large parts and its material requirements

- Nov 05, 2018-

Wind power gearbox partss, which are a specific type of parts, are an important and indispensable component of wind power generation equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand this component. Therefore, it is necessary to take it seriously and learn it. Work, in order to get good results through the correct and reasonable use of wind power gearbox partss.


1. Wind power gearbox partss, can it be large and medium-sized cast iron parts?

A wind power gear box parts, which may be a medium and large cast iron piece, that is, it may be a parts obtained by parts this material of cast iron, and is a medium or large parts from the outer shape. In terms of use, it should be distinguished from gray iron partss and ductile iron partss. Because they are different in material properties and parts properties, this specific requirement will be met to avoid being used due to wrong choice. There was a problem.


2. Does the wind turbine gearbox parts affect the development of wind power?

Wind power gearbox partss, which are an important part of wind power generation equipment, will affect the normal operation and operation of wind power generation equipment. Therefore, it can be concluded that wind power gearbox partss will affect the development of wind power generation. Moreover, the design and manufacturing technology of wind power gearbox is the main guarantee for its normal operation, which determines the development of wind power generation.


3. What are the requirements for wind power gear box parts materials?

The material of wind power gear box partss has some specific requirements in terms of selection. It must meet the requirements of five aspects: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact toughness and hardness. Higher integrity and density. In addition, the partss are not allowed to be repaired by welding, and strict ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle testing are required to check whether the partss are defective. If it is QT400-18AL material, it needs good low temperature impact resistance, and QT350-22AL material also requires good impact resistance at low temperature.


4. Is the smelting and treatment of molten iron important in the parts process of wind turbine gearbox partss?

Wind power gearbox partss, in the parts process, the smelting and processing of molten iron, from a professional point of view, is a very important and critical aspect, because it will have a major impact on the parts material and internal and external quality, and it is a technology Very strict process requirements are required. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the aspects of chemical composition control, smelting equipment selection and melting process to ensure the smooth progress of the process and to ensure the performance of the parts.http://www.xihuafoundry.com/