Whether wind power castings can be trial-produced and its casting process design

- Dec 06, 2018-

Wind power castings, which are also castings, are used only for wind power generation. Therefore, these castings are collectively referred to as wind power castings, and it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of these castings before they can know how to correct them. Proper use and full use, so as not to cause product waste.


1. What are the large castings in wind power castings? Can 1.5MW wind turbine castings be produced and produced?

Among the wind power castings, there are some large castings, which are the main frame, the hub, the main shaft and the gear box, etc., and have a certain understanding and understanding of these large castings, so as to know how to use correctly and reasonably, and At the same time, come with good performance and use.


1.5MW wind turbine castings, which can be produced by trial production, using sequential solidification principle, using partitioning method and appropriate chemical composition control, so as to meet the inherent quality requirements of wind power castings and achieve mass production, to improve work efficiency and production. effectiveness.


2. Casting process design of wind power castings

The casting process design of wind power castings has the following specific aspects:


The design of the parting surface: In order to facilitate the starting of the mold, it is generally required that the parting surface be selected at the larger section position of the casting, and at the same time, the thin part should be placed at the bottom or side of the casting to prevent the cold from being poured. In addition, the sand and sand core surfaces can be sanded after the coating is applied.

Sand core design: There are casting structure to determine the number of cores and contour size. If it is a box structure with ribs, four sand cores can be used in the shape to facilitate the removal and fixing of the block.

The design of the gating system: generally follows the principle of “high flow, low flow rate, smooth filling”, and combined with the structural characteristics of the casting to determine the appropriate gating system. If it is a sprue, avoid the two problems of gas inhalation and sand washing; if it is a runner, there must be some slag blocking measures.


3. How to control the production and product quality of wind power castings?

In order to control the production and product quality of wind power castings, it is necessary to pay attention to the process design, the selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials, the smelting process and the liquid chemical composition in the production process of wind power castings, and can pass the production of wind power castings and Product quality control to achieve efficient and low-cost production to obtain castings that meet the technical requirements, so that these castings have good performance and use.www.xihuafoundry.com