Why do spheroidal graphite cast iron and its future development direction

- Jan 25, 2019-

Ductile iron is a common and commonly used material because it is widely used and can be used in many industries. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand to know which materials can be used. In the occasion, there is a good use effect to avoid misuse.


1. Why do you want to add rare earth elements in ductile iron?

Rare earth elements are added to nodular cast iron because rare earth elements can spheroidize graphite, and this element is a very effective spheroidizing element, while other rare earth elements also have different degrees of spheroidizing ability. However, if the rare earth content is too high, various metamorphic graphites will appear, and there will be a tendency of white mouth. Therefore, the content of rare earth elements should be well controlled and should not be too high.


In addition, according to the actual situation, it is necessary to add some rare earth elements, because it can not only promote the spheroidization of graphite, but also overcome the influence of some impurity elements to ensure the smooth progress of spheroidization. After the addition of the rare earth element, the number of graphite spheres can be increased because it can provide crystal nuclei and enlarge the inactive crystal nuclei, thereby increasing the total number of crystal nuclei in the molten iron.


2. Ductile iron application field and representative products

The application field of ductile iron is currently in some parts with high requirements, such as strength, toughness and wear resistance, such as crankshafts, camshafts, and machinery in automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines. Medium pressure valve. In addition, it can be used to make storage and transport containers for highly radioactive objects.


The representative product of ductile iron is austenitic-bainitic ductile iron, which can be called ADI. This type of ductile iron is characterized by high strength and toughness and tensile strength up to 1000 MPa. Therefore, it can be used on gears and various structural parts, and austenitic-bainite ductile iron has good economic benefits compared with alloy steel.


3. The future development direction of ductile iron

One of the future developments of ductile iron is the ability to provide high-strength ductile iron without high production costs. As the production of ductile iron is increasing, it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of its future development in order to have a correct understanding of the development of the material, and then, to grasp its development.www.xihuafoundry.com