Why do wind power castings control quality and comparison of different drawings?

- Nov 26, 2018-

Wind power castings, which are a specific type of castings, are more common and often used in wind power generation equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain understanding and understanding of them in order to correctly understand wind power castings and achieve correct and rational use. , get good use, and will not be used incorrectly.


1. Standards for good quality of wind power casting products

Wind power castings, the quality of their products is to meet some specific requirements or have corresponding standards, specifically, it is: product quality is qualified and the performance and use effect is good, there will be no problems during use, use And easy to maintain. In addition, it should have a long service life and will not replace new castings frequently.


2. Why should wind power castings be produced and quality controlled?

This is because the production and quality control of wind power castings contributes to the efficient and low-cost production of wind power castings that meet the technical requirements. Moreover, this is a technical basis and must be taken seriously. In addition, it is necessary to summarize the process design, the selection of raw and auxiliary materials, the smelting process and the control of the chemical composition of the molten iron in the production process of the castings in order to carry out the quality control of the castings well.


3. Is there a difference between the casting process diagram and the casting drawing in the wind power casting?

Wind power castings, which are a specific type of castings, so like ordinary castings, there are also casting process drawings and casting drawings. The specific contents of them are:

Casting process diagram: including parting surface, parting surface, sand core, drafting degree, shrinkage ratio, parting negative number, anti-deformation amount, machining allowance, process subsidy, feeding system, pouring system, internal and external cold setting, etc. These specific aspects.

Casting drawings: The machining allowance, process subsidy and process steps and slopes that are convenient for processing are added to the parts drawing. Among the process steps, there are process holes and grooves.


So, as can be seen from their definition, the two are very different because they are two different concepts. In addition, the size on the artwork is the scale, and the size on the casting map is the scale. Therefore, you can't confuse these two to avoid problems in use.


4. Why should wind power castings be aged?

The reason and purpose of the aging treatment of wind power castings is to stabilize the casting quality and eliminate the residual application in the casting. Further, the stable material refers to the structure and product size. The professional definition of aging treatment is to heat the process for the workpiece to be placed at a higher temperature or to maintain its shape, size and performance at room temperature.http://www.xihuafoundry.com/