Wide application of ductile cast iron

- Mar 13, 2021-

The ductile iron produced by ductile iron manufacturers is widely used in our industrial production and is of high quality. The performance of the castings is very good, and the performance of the stamping products is very good, the application of ductile iron is very wide.   Because the price of the products produced by the ductile iron manufacturers is very low, the scope of use is constantly expanding and It can replace some of the previous materials.   The products of ductile iron in the world are constantly on the rise, and this industry in China is also developing very rapidly, and it has become a world ranking country in 2007. The   new price of ductile iron is Very cheap, and the domestic production level has reached a very good level, but the production process is still relatively backward, which is reflected in some raw materials and various aspects of equipment, causing the production of this cast iron to fluctuate, and this technology Continuous improvement is still being made. Compared with some developed countries, there are still some gaps in our country's cast iron ductile, but there has been a good development.