Wind power casting surface painting treatment and product purchase route

- Nov 09, 2018-

Wind power castings, which can be simply considered to be castings used in wind power generation equipment, are collectively referred to as wind power castings to help wind power plants operate and operate normally, and thus, to generate electricity smoothly. Therefore, from this point of view, such castings have an important role to be familiar and understood, and cannot be treated with scorn and contempt.


1. Ways to purchase wind power castings

Wind power castings are products that can be selected according to different situations. However, if you summarize them, there are three ways to purchase them. One is to directly purchase the manufacturer, and the other is to choose through the intermediary agent. The purchase of the product, the third is to carry out this work on the industry website.


2. Casting method for large-scale wind power castings

The casting method of large-scale wind power castings has two steps in specific steps, which are:

Step 1: Smelting the charge into molten iron;

Step 2: After the spheroidizing and inoculation treatment, the molten iron is poured and then solidified, so that the finished product of the casting can be obtained.


In step 1, the content of each element in the molten iron should be strictly controlled, and they should not be allowed to exceed the specified allowable range. In the step 2, the specific operation of the spheroidization treatment is to first add an appropriate amount of the spheroidizing agent to the spheroidizing chamber, and then add an appropriate amount of the covering agent, and then, the molten iron is poured into the spheroidizing chamber for spheroidizing and inoculating treatment. The breeding process is divided into three times.


3. How to analyze the wind power castings?

The analysis of wind power castings is because with the rapid development of the wind power industry, the demand for wind turbine castings is increasing. Further, it is necessary to analyze and continuously improve the casting process of wind power castings, as well as castings. The defect problem is analyzed and some preventive and avoidance measures are proposed to ensure the performance and use effect of the casting.


4. Surface paint spraying treatment of wind power castings

Wind power castings, this is a specific type of castings. If you want to spray paint on the surface, you need to sandblast or blast the castings first. In the 6 hours after the treatment, the primer is sprayed, and the paint is dried. After that, apply a primer once, but make sure that the surface of the primer that was sprayed the previous time has no ash layer. When the primer is completely cured, apply a paint or top coat according to the quality requirements. The primer can be sanded prior to spraying the paint or topcoat to control the film thickness and improve the bond strength of the primer to the intermediate or topcoat.