Wind power castings production know-how and its weight

- Jan 21, 2019-

Wind power castings are castings that are used in wind power plants, etc., so these castings are collectively referred to as wind power castings, and they are common and commonly used in wind power generation. Familiarize and understand them in order to be able to use them correctly and reasonably, and to have good use effects, rather than adverse effects caused by wrong use, and thus cause problems.


1. Are there important considerations when purchasing wind power castings?

When purchasing wind power castings, it is necessary to take all relevant factors into consideration, and it is an important consideration. However, it is important to consider that as long as it is related to product purchase, it cannot be considered as one of them. Certain factors, in order to prevent the correct purchase of castings due to misunderstanding. In addition, there must be considerations. When purchasing products, these must be considered as one cannot be omitted or omitted.


2. Is there a range of weight for wind power castings?

Wind power castings have a certain range of weights, so that the quality of the products can be well controlled and at the same time, the weight of the castings can be reasonably controlled to achieve optimal production. Moreover, the range of weights of castings that can be produced by different manufacturers is also different. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the manufacturer and determine the weight of the casting to avoid problems.


3. Production instructions for wind power castings

The production requirements for wind power castings are specific: the appropriate process and manufacturing method should be used to control the manufacturing process. Before mass production, trial production can be carried out first, and mass production can be carried out after trial production without problems, so as to avoid product waste and economic loss. In addition, for the base castings of ultra-large wind turbines, an under-injection gating system can be used for low-temperature rapid pouring, and a cold riser is provided at the top to ensure the quality and quality of the casting.


4. Wind turbine rotor casting support in wind power castings

The wind turbine rotor casting support in the wind power casting is composed of support legs, steel plate tops, vertical chutes, chutes, rocking rods and splints. These components are used to support wind power. The rotor castings can be used normally and have good use effect, so as to make the wind power castings have good use