Wind turbine body castings - wind turbine castings front body casting

- Mar 28, 2021-

    The wind turbine body is an important mechanical component in the wind turbine generator. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind wheel under the action of the wind to the generator and make it obtain the corresponding speed. Wind power generation is affected by natural conditions. The emergence of some special weather conditions may cause wind turbines to malfunction. Unpredictable weather requires a high level of overall wind turbine body castings to ensure that the wind turbines can operate normally for a long time! 

The working environment, principles and precautions of wind power castings , etc. Technical personnel of Henan Chemical Machinery have made detailed process analysis in other equipment application matters, and the majority of users have also deeply experienced the advantages of wind power castings and obtained them. Great economic return. The requirements for casting and processing of body castings before wind power are basically the same as those for wind turbine seat castings. For different parts of the same material QT400-18, except for the different structure, the testing requirements are basically the same. For this characteristic, our Henan chemical machinery technicians make different test blocks to reflect the performance of different parts according to different products.