Wind turbine gearbox installation requirements

- Mar 06, 2021-

As the unit is installed in the wind outlets of mountains, wilderness, beaches, islands, etc., it is subject to the effects of irregular changes in direction and load and the impact of strong gusts. It is subjected to the influence of extreme heat and cold and extreme temperature differences all year round, and the natural environment is inconvenient for transportation. The gearbox is installed in the narrow space on the top of the tower. Once it fails, it is very difficult to repair it. Therefore, its reliability and service life are much higher than those of ordinary machinery. For example, the requirements for component materials, in addition to the mechanical properties under normal conditions, should also have characteristics such as cold brittleness resistance under low temperature conditions; the smooth operation of the gearbox should be ensured to prevent vibration and shock; adequate lubrication conditions should be ensured, and so on. For areas with huge temperature differences between winter and summer, appropriate heating and cooling devices should be equipped. Also set up monitoring points to remotely control operation and lubrication status.