Working environment and principle of wind power castings

- Dec 29, 2020-

The working environment, principles and precautions of wind power castings, etc. Technical personnel of Henan Chemical Machinery have made detailed process analysis in other equipment application matters, and the majority of users have also had a deep understanding of the advantages of wind power castings and obtained them. Great economic return. The requirements for casting and processing of body castings before wind power are basically the same as those for wind turbine seat castings. For different parts of the same material QT400-18, except for the different structure, the testing requirements are basically the same.

Jiangsu Xihua Casting Co., Ltd. focuses on large castings and puts the quality of the castings in the first place, to provide and deliver wind power castings that meet the standards, as a manufacturing guideline. We warmly welcome wind power castings purchasers from all over the world and all kinds of large castings demand users to visit our manufacturing plant. Visit and inspect our manufacturing strength. The factory is equipped with experimental equipment. Users can bring materials to the factory to visit the wind power casting process.