Bed Castings

- Aug 20, 2018-

Use of resin sand casting machine Tool bed Casting Advantages:

1 The Resin sand type rigidity is good, the early casting sand type strength is high this has the condition to use cast iron solidification process graphite expansion, effectively eliminates the shrinkage cavity, the shrinkage pine flaw, realizes the gray iron, the ductile iron piece's few riser, does not have the riser casting. 2 in the solid casting production, the polystyrene foam model was applied to the molding of the soft sand with a furosemide resin.

When the metal liquid poured into the mold, the foam pattern in the high-temperature metal liquid under the action of rapid gasification, burning and disappeared, the metal liquid replaced the original foam occupied by the position, cooling solidification into the shape of the same type of real castings. 3) Relatively speaking, EPC for the production of single or small quantities of automotive cover parts, machine tool bed and other large molds than the traditional sand has a great advantage, it not only eliminates the expensive wood-type costs, but also easy to operate, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, with high dimensional accuracy, small processing allowance, good surface quality and other advantages

In addition, the casting machine tool machining has good wear resistance and shock-removing performance and good process performance.