Forming Technology And Related Processes Of The Housing Flange

- Apr 29, 2019-

The housing flange is usually formed by casting, because this process is easy to obtain a workpiece with complicated shape that is difficult to obtain by other methods; its surface has an ideal finish without processing; the forming is simple, so the whole of the housing flange The cost is cheaper.


The molding process of the housing flange uses computer technology to optimize the fluid geometry design of the structural design and casting process, and the overall quality and reliability of the housing flange is guaranteed. The housing flange process creates a refined grain structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. In the practical use of components, a correct design enables the particles to flow in the direction of the main pressure.


The process of the housing flange is generally composed of the following processes, that is, the selection of high-quality steel billet, heating, forming, and post-forging cooling. At the time of production, according to the quality of the housing flange, the number of production batches is selected differently, ensuring that the cast housing flange can meet the application requirements and help to extend its service life.