How To Prevent Deformation Of Ductile Iron Casting

- Jun 22, 2019-

Due to a variety of factors, Ductile iron Casting often have defects such as pores, pinholes, slag inclusions, cracks, and pits. The commonly used repairing equipments are argon arc welding machines, electric resistance welding machines, cold welding machines, etc. It has a very important influence on the quality, manufacturing cost, production efficiency, labor intensity and environmental pollution of ductile iron Castings. As long as I master the process of styling and core making, in fact, styling core is one of the key processes in the formation of flat castings. It can improve the quality of my spheroidal casting plate.

When lifting a flat plate of a spheroidal graphite casting, in order to prevent deformation of the flat plate of the spheroidal graphite casting. Use four wires of the same length to hang the four spheroidal holes on the spheroidal casting plate and sleek the spheroidal casting plate on the vehicle. The spheroidal graphite casting plate support points are padded and leveled to ensure uniform force of each support point, and the entire spheroidal graphite casting plate is ensured to be stable. In order to prevent the overall deformation of the spheroidal graphite casting plate, after use, the workpiece should be taken off the spheroidal casting plate to prevent the workpiece from being deformed by the heavy pressure of the spheroidal casting plate for a long time.

The hardness of the working surface should be 170~220H. The spheroidal casting plate should be made of high quality and fine gray spheroidal castings. There should be a threaded hole (or cylindrical hole) of the handle or the lifting device of the device and the position of the device should be designed to minimize the deformation of the flat plate on both sides. One of the working faces has a V-shaped groove. Environmental conditions for square box testing: normal temperature, normal humidity. The square box is mainly used for inspection and scribing of the parallelism and perpendicularity of components. The square box is a cavity cube of a specific six working faces made of spheroidal castings.