Operating Procedures For Castings

- Aug 20, 2018-

1 before work check furnace body, door, trailer, wire rope pulley and blower equipment is normal, there is no collapse, break, cracking and other unsafe factors exist. If there is, should be properly treated before opening the furnace.

The use of electric furnace annealing should be carefully cleaned on the resistance wire or near the oxide skin and metal. 2 when the fire, to carefully check the explosives in coal. Stop the wind process, coal seams should not be too thick to prevent gas explosions.

Remove the cinder to be handled at any time, no backlog stacking.

3 before loading and unloading, to check the track slot on the barrier, hooks, chains and other tools are reliable. 4 when loading or unloading large castings or thin-walled workpiece, must be cushion flat and stable.

Space between the adjacent should be properly set aside, the height of the load shall not exceed the requirements.

5 before the oven, should clean the fire-resistant bricks on the furnace door, refractory mud, and check whether the cart is easy to use. 6 The release and handling, unrelated personnel must not be near the flat car on both sides, lest the sand box or workpiece collapse wounding.

It is forbidden to rest or stack goods around the furnace body. 7 when the work temperature is higher than 400 ℃, it is prohibited to hoist the chain or wire rope (or take heat insulation measures) to avoid the rupture after annealing.

Use the crane to carry the work thing, must observe the driving and the hook worker safety operation procedure. 8 The use of gas stoves, should comply with the gas ignition sequence: first with compressed air blown furnace residual gas, shut down compressed air valve, ignite ignition rods, micro-open gas nozzle valve, burning the nozzle after the adjustment of compressed gas and gas flow, so that the full combustion.

The ceasefire is reversed, and the order is strictly prohibited.

9 The oil furnace baking, ignition sequence is: First close the damper, ignite the ignition rods, micro-open the accelerator, point, adjust the air valve and throttle to fully burn, prohibit the "wind pressure oil."

10 when using pulverized coal fuel furnace, it is forbidden to burn the stove when there is a defect in the blower or when there is a crack in the pipe. 11 Repair Electric furnace must cut off the total switch, hanging on the "someone overhaul, prohibit the closing" warning card, or set up a person to monitor.