The World's Largest Wind Power Gearbox—8MW Medium-speed Gearbox

- Feb 23, 2021-

Polaris Wind Power Network News: Recently, Adwen and Winergy announced that they have developed a gearbox suitable for Adwen's AD 8MW-180 offshore wind turbine. The gearbox has an input torque of close to 10,000kNm and weighs about 86 tons.

According to Adwen, this gearbox is the world's largest wind turbine gearbox. It is a medium-speed gearbox that can greatly help reduce the LCOE of Adwen's AD 8MW-180 unit.

The gearbox has a rated power of 8MW. Compared with other offshore wind turbine gearboxes above 6MW, the gearbox’s torque has increased by 70%, while the weight has only increased by 20%.

Adwen said that during the test, the efficiency of the gearbox exceeded 98%, and the overall reliability was further enhanced due to the reduction of internal parts of the gearbox.

Winergy has manufactured 4 gearboxes for Adwen, hoping to be fully verified in three stages.

The first stage is to conduct a 125% overload back-to-back test on two identical gearboxes on Winergy's test bench. Through Adwen's most stringent verification process, the reliability of this critical component is guaranteed.

The second phase is the detailed test of the gearbox in the dynamic nacelle test laboratory of the Fraunhofer IWES test center.

The final stage is the prototype test of the AD 8MW-180 prototype in